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In our vision of the future: 

  • Ageing, polluting coal power stations are replaced with clean, renewable energy sources. 
  • People, workers and local communities are supported and empowered as the shift from coal power to renewable energy accelerates. 
  • Australia is a leader in responsible climate action. 
  • The transition to 100% clean energy creates good jobs for communities around Australia.
  • The shift to clean energy takes place in a just way for Indigenous peoples the world over, people of colour, poor communities, women, fossil fuel communities, young people and future generations; and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are central to decision-making about energy developments taking place on their lands. 
  • Our homes, businesses and industries are powered by affordable and reliable clean energy sources like wind, solar and batteries. 
  • We breathe clean air, free from toxic coal pollution.

To get there, we need to: 

  1. Retire old, unreliable coal-burning power stations  and replace them with clean energy. Burning coal is the most polluting way to generate power. It’s Australia’s number one contribution to climate change. So long as we keep old polluting coal-burning power stations open, we’re making the problem worse. Meanwhile, clean, renewable energy sources are ready now, and more affordable than ever before. Australians love clean energy, and the moment to act is now.
  2. Support communities, to ensure everyone benefits as our energy system transforms. History shows that communities can be vulnerable if power stations close without a plan. Now that renewable energy is cheaper to build, as coal-burning power stations they will be replaced with clean energy sources like wind and solar. With good planning, we can support local workers and communities and replace all coal-burning power stations with clean energy sources within the decade. We need real engagement and accountability in the planning process to ensure no-one is left behind as our energy system transforms. 
  3. As many people as possible joining the movement to go beyond coal. No matter where you call home or what you do, everyone has a role to play in moving Australia beyond coal. Whether you're a farmer feeling the impacts of extreme weather on their crops and livestock and nurses treating kids with asthma made worse by air pollution from the coal power station down the road; a firefighter facing an ever-worsening bushfire season, and parents who know their kids face an uncertain future. A power station worker who can see their community needs a solid plan for what happens with the local coal power station closes. We need everyone to make the move beyond coal to a better future.


Supporters of Australia Beyond Coal