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The Australia Beyond Coal alliance was started by a group of seven community organisations, who together represent more than one and a half million Australians concerned about the damaging impacts of coal power on our health, communities, and climate.

United by our commitment to see Australia take meaningful action on climate change, we have come together to build a campaign to transform the Australian energy system over the next decade. We want to see Australia harness the extraordinary economic opportunities of this country’s plentiful renewable energy resources to support thriving communities and forge a bright future powered by clean energy. 

Our mission is to:

  • Empower everyday people with information about coal-burning power stations and where their energy comes from
  • Show people how they can join campaigns happening right now all over Australia
  • Urge governments and businesses to engage with the community, to sensibly plan for the accelerating transformation in our energy market, and
  • Avoid the worst impacts of climate change, while building resilient communities and a strong national clean economy for future generations

Member organisations of the Australia Beyond Coal campaign are funded by donations from thousands of everyday people around the nation who want our country to take urgent action on climate change.

We are inspired by the outstanding work of Beyond Coal campaigns in the US and Europe, bringing together data, research and community-powered campaigns for a clean energy future.

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