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You're Amazing!

Thanks for adding your name to the open letter to tell Australia’s big energy companies that “it’s time to get out of coal.”

Together, we will send a clear message to the CEOs of AGL, Energy Australia and Origin that they must close their polluting power stations and replace them with cleaner power sources like solar and wind energy instead. 

The more names on our letter the louder our message will be.

Can you take a minute to share the letter on your social media and invite your friends or family to add their names too? 

Click the links below to share the letter on social media now. 


By signing onto our open letter you've also joined a community of Australians working for a clean energy future. From time to time we will send you updates and information about how to participate in our campaign and similar actions run by our partners and other like-minded organisations. We promise we will never spam you or sell your information to anyone. To check out our full privacy policy, click here.

Supporters of Australia Beyond Coal