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For clean energy footnotes

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  2. As above; and For Climate's Sake: Coal Free by 2030. Climate Analytics Report 2019. 
  3. Annual update finds renewables are cheapest new-build power. CSIRO & AEMO. 21 December 2018.
  4. Biggest solar deal: BlueScope to use 500,000 solar panels. Australian Financial Review. 19 July 2018.
  5. Telstra dials up climate commitments, will go 100% renewable by 2025. RenewEconomy, March 2020. 
  6. Aldi commits to 100% renewables by 2021, and challenges Coles and Woolies to do the same. SmartCompany. August 2020.  
  7. The Renewable Energy Target 2019 Administrative Report, Clean Energy Regulator. 
  8. Australia could aim for 700 per cent renewables, ARENA boss. Renew Economy. 8 October 2019.  

Supporters of Australia Beyond Coal